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After a long day, how good does it feel to put on your pjs and plonk our weary bodies into a super comfy bed for a good snooze?  

An uninterrupted peaceful sleep is essential to our physical and mental well being. 

Yet there’s a sleepiness epidemic in Australia.  The Sleep Health Foundation has found that 33 to 45 per cent of Aussie  adults sleep poorly - or not long enough most nights (8-10 hours average  is ideal). No wonder there are so many tired and cranky people around!

So  setting up a comfortable bedroom environment is a must for relaxing  sleep. This may include letting in out natural light (or blocking it out  for shift workers!), sleeping on a comfy mattress, using soothing  colours, making sure the temperature is right, and it’s nice and quiet.

Bedroom furniture

You’ll find a wide range of living room furniture including:


  • Beds
  • Sofa beds
  • Chairs
  • Dressers


  • Chests & drawers
  • Tallboys
  • Night stands
  • Desks


  • Wardrobes
  • Bookshelves
  • Matching bed suites